Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freckles - July 1945 and an update too...

Another update my friends. I have added July to the mix now. Hope you enjoy them. Will try to add more in the future, I hope.

Freckles and His Friends daily's of 1945


I'm sorry to say I know I have been a little behind, may want to check the archives out. I have added a lot of old more stuff

I Love Comix image archive

id/pass = ilovecomix


Well I have intergrading the online archive with my email so I will automatically import scans as soon as i receive them. If you missed something make sure to check this folder out

Current Images


Web hosting/the Archives

If anyone wants to host/add their files in the ilovecomix archives you can upload them at ilovecomix log in ID and password is: ilovecomix. Go to the upload folder create yourself a directory and add anything you like.

If your an avid collector and have hundreds or even thousands of comix files please follow these directions on a simpler way to upload files to the ilovecomix archives. First download this software program. Jungledisk Workgroups Edition Then proceed to the following video below for install instructions.

ilovecomix setup video

I love newspaper comix so much that I decided to created an online archive to preserve this disappearing past time. I would love for other avid fans to help in preserving newspaper comix so future generations have access to the best comics every created.

e-mail me personally with an questions.

--Steve/Mr ilovecomix

Images are stored in the I Love Comix image archive

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