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I'm requesting some help.... need Merrill Blosser information

Hello, gang, My wife and I have decided to try and publish a book on Freckles and his friends. Were not sure at this time if this will be a biography on Merrill Blosser or a history of some strips. At this time we are trying to find in-depth details of Blosser and his life and the freckles strip. Were not having much luck gathering reference materials. I'm send out this request "SEND ME REFERENCES PLEASE" If you know of, or have any information on Blosser and his personal life, hobbies, books with any mention or reference to bosser and or freckles, please drop us a line or a comment with details. Were trying hard to gather info and not succeeding much. I want this book or books to be though out and not to be thrown together very quickly. so with that, send my your thought, suggestions, and or reference links, and or images too. -Steve

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