Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some new changes coming to my blogs

I was goofing off with Picasa web albums yesterday and today, because I skipped an image in the Month of may for 1945 freckles, and I noticed it does what I have always wanted to do in the past. Picasa has individual web albums and you can enable slide shows or you can even do the easy click through.

Freckles and His Friends daily's of 1945

With this new feature one can add comments on individual pictures. One can view the comic in order, eliminating the blog post viewing. One can read the strip quickly and not have the pain of making sure you have not read it before.

I am going to love this once I get the current images updated, in order and in their correct albums. Remember I have a lot of updating to do in my albums so bear with me. Oh, i do plan on adding many of the comics in in the archives in the near future.

Last note, "This is so cool"

More to come

This Image is stored in the I Love Comix FTP archive

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