Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Request Help Please (Microfilm Locations)

Hey gang, I'm looking for locations to increase my newspaper comic search of microfilm/scanned newspapers. I know about Newspaper Archive but it costs money. I have been to but its very limited and I'm looking to add Sunday scans I don't have.

If I could personally ask those who read my blog, could I get a few suggestions and links to web sites where I can increase my search. I would prefer not to pay anything, but any suggestions would be great to reference. Remember I am very limited now days on funds and don't want to pay much if I could avoid that. Posting comments would be awesome


Remember all images are stored in the I Love Comix FTP archives

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Holmes! said...

Have you tried your local library and/or their website? Here in Chicago, we can access the historical Tribune (ProQuest) by logging in with our library card number on the CPL site. If your library doesn't offer access at home through their site, you may still be able to browse at the library when you're on their WiFi network. Todd and I spent many hours at the library on our laptops (and on the old-school film reader/printers) before they opened up access through the web!

Good luck!